Concussion Baseline Testing

At NDBC we offer a complete Concussion Management Program that includes baseline testing services. We have partnered with: athletes, individuals ages 5 and up, high school systems, professional sports teams, and employers. We offer everyone the opportunity to have a baseline concussion evaluation to establish a reference point in case a head injury does occur. 
According to the NCAA handbook for collegiate sports, the best concussion evaluation programs have a three point concussion assessment program that includes; (1) Professional observation, (2) cognitive analysis, (3) Computerized Dynamic Posturography (balance function testing). Together these types of programs realize a greater than 90% effective return to play decision. Our program at NDBC is based on that "Best Practices" approach to concussion evaluation and management. 
We currently offer both a neuropsychological test called (ImPACT), and the Computerized Dynamic Posturography baseline test, depending if you are going to take the test at one of your facilites or ours. Our ImPACT specialists, who are trained in properly administering and reviewing ImPACT tests, will conduct the test and give proper notification if a test may be invalid or abnormal. Sometimes test may be reviewed and declared invalid or abnormal, and some factors that may lead to this result can include; learning disabilities, ADD-ADHD, dislexia, or difficulty following directions.
Please call Jennifer Ginkel, Marketing Director at 952-345-3000 ext. 112 for team and school scheduling, or for more general information about your program. We offer teams and schools group discounts for baseline testing packages. Please call for availability.
Current Pricing:
At an NDBC Facility for Group Testing:
$10 - ImPACT Testing
$20 - Balance Test
At an NDBC Facility for Individual Testing:
$40 - ImPACT Testing
$80 - Computerized Dynamic Posturography
At your Facility:
$5 -ImPACT Testing
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