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We are in business to improve our patients' quality of life.Our commitment to excellence and the development of patient relationships is what will make NDBC the standard that everyone else is compared to for the treatment of balance disorders

National Dizzy & Balance Center Blaine

About National Dizzy & Balance Center

National Dizzy and Balance Center (NDBC) is a unique outpatient clinic system. We combine medical doctors, audiologists, and physical therapists all within the same facility to offer a true multidisciplinary approach to balance disorders.

This approach to patient care is what makes our clinics so unique for the treatment of balance disorders. We also utilize state-of-the-art diagnostic balance labs to more accurately diagnose our patients, which enables us to use this data for effective treatment protocols in our rehabilitation programs.

Our Services

At NDBC we see a wide variety of dizziness and balance impaired patients. In many cases the cause of the patient's dizziness or balance problem is multi-factorial, so quantifying a typical patient condition treated here at NDBC can be quite difficult. Here is a brief list of possible conditions that would be appropriate for treatment here at NDBC.


1630 101st Ave NE., Suite 160 Blaine, MN 55449 PH: (763) 786-6900 Fax: (763) 786-6901

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